EA Sports MMA Might Be a One-Hit KO

EA Sports MMA became the second major MMA video game to join the fray when it was released just a week ago. Many have called it a great addition, but sales indicate that the public isn’t catching on. Might this be the end for EA’s undertaking with the violent sport?

Analyst Doug Cruetz has gone on record saying that EA Sports MMA is the first and might be the last MMA game that EA Sports produces. Cruetz stated the following:

“EA’s recently released ‘MMA’ appears to be more or less DOA at retail, while UFC recently announced an extension of its license with THQ, likely putting an end to EA’s efforts to expand into the mixed martial arts genre.”

The fate of EA Sports MMA is an interesting one considering the controversy surrounding EA Sports rejecting MMA roughly two years ago. Many have called its addition to the gaming sphere the spark of a war between MMA video games, largely due to the fate of the NFL with EA Sports’ Madden NFL monopoly. Whether or not this series will survive another year is up in the air, but the recent sales figures don’t make it look like a survivor.