PSP2 Begins to Look More Real

There’s a saying we apply to the journalism business that goes something like this: “In every rumor there is a little bit of truth.”  If that statement applies to the PSP2, than Sony is planning to take the Nintendo 3DS head on in a way no one may have expected.  It could also mean that a long-standing speculation about the system may indeed be false.

In what can only be described now as a “not so” private meeting held at Sony’s offices in Tokyo’s Aoyama, the PSP2 was presented was unveiled to those in attendance. According to the sources present, the following things were observed:

  • Touch panel on back of unit
  • Sharper, larger screen
  • Screen touted as ‘HD’
  • Dual analog sticks

Apparently there are early issues with the device overheating that Sony is working feverishly to correct before the system makes it’s public debut. It’s interesting that, according to those same sources, the internal hardware, however is not finalized—or if it is they just aren’t saying.  Could it  be Larrabee based as before rumored—and brilliantly detailed by Hiroshige Goto of PC Watch—Tegra 2 based, or some other some entirely new architecture? We don’t know. What’s interesting is that there is no mention in the article of anything related to it being or resembling a cell phone. Further, given that Android has specific hardware requirements, can Android still be the alleged OS if the hardware isn’t finalized? It could be, but this certainly raises questions.

At this point the “bit of truth in all this” is that the PSP2 is on the horizon. What it actually turns out to be is still unknown.