Being Enslaved is Worth the Price

At some point you have to ask yourself: “How many deals are just too many for one week?” Well if those thoughts are crossing your mind—stop it now; or at least wait until next week.  Another deal on a AAA title is going on this week that can’t be ignored. And to be honest we almost missed it…almost.

Our good friends at Kmart evidently think we have money to burn, but we won’t argue with them this time. Along with the current deal on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Kmart is also offering Enslaved: Odyssey to the West for $39.99 October 24th through October 30th. Enslaved received praise by our own Ray Conley, and even with its flaws at that price it’s hard to beat. But wait there’s more! Can we interest you in a copy of  Medal of Honor for $39.99 as well? If you’re so inclined,  you can pick that one up on sale as well and complete the Kmart gaming trifecta. The deals are in-store only and are up in the forums but haven’t been posted yet on Kmart gamer so act fast.

Three sale titles in one week? Nicely played Kmart, nicely played.