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Sony: Kinect Experience ‘Pretty Cumbersome’

October 26, 2010Written by Sebastian Moss

Kinect is the future. Games as we know it are a thing of the past. Controllers are outdated. Well, at least that’s what Microsoft and their $500 million marketing machine want you to think. Whether they can actually pull it off and revolutionize the industry as remains to be seen, but if the words of Sony’s PlayStation Move mastermind are anything to go by, Kinect is a flawed and cumbersome experience.

SCE’s R&D Manager Dr. Richard Marks – creator of the Eyetoy and the PlayStation Move – admitted to the New York Times:

“I totally agree that there is this magical feeling with using your hands to select something”

But he continued:

“But that feeling wears off pretty quickly, and it becomes a pretty cumbersome way to do things,”

Many gamers have queried how a controller-less interface can work for genres such as First Person Shooters or for long gaming sessions.