Fading Away is Bad if You’re Malicious

October 27, 2010Written by Allen Tyson

In most games character damage is conveyed to the gamer by some sort of power or life gauge. Not so in Malicious. For this game, the development staff decided to take a different approach; one of having you simply fade away. This ties in beautifully to the story since you’re a spirit who has assumed human form to fight off the Malicious.As you progress through the story and use your “Cloak of ash” to attack and chain combos, you build up Aura. Aura can be used recover to solid form after fading, or as a power up to increase your attack strength. No matter how much Aura you have though, your clothes will not reform around you. Even down to using your Cloak as a chair, Alvion has their own vision about what a PSN title should be — and it looks good.

Malicious on October 27 to the Japanese PSN for ¥800 ($9.99). As we probably won’t get much more screens due to the nature of the title, enjoy the massive gallery below.