It Takes Two Trophies

It Takes Two Trophy List Gives Little Away, We’re Better Together Trailer Fills in Some Gaps

Hazelight’s co-op platforming romcom It Takes Two is releasing at the end of this month. With plenty of time for teases in between now and then, the It Takes Two Trophy list as revealed on TrueTrophies gives very little away as to what it will expect from players. Fortunately, the We’re Better Together trailer aims to fill in some of those gaps.

The game tells the story of Rose and her two parents, May and Cody, who are about to go through a divorce. In an attempt to stop the split, she creates two dolls that represent her parents. When they magically come to life, they have to work together to solve their problems before they can return to a human form. The game won’t have “collectibles and other shiny shit” according to its creator Josef Fares, instead opting to include minigames and plenty of other details throughout the levels to make sure players explore them to their fullest extent. One of the things players will definitely have to do to complete the trophy list is to find all of those minigames, but I’ll leave you to glance through the list to get more clues, including some possible Easter eggs. There are 21 trophies in total and the full list is below:

It Takes Two Trophy List

It Takes Two Platinum Trophy

  • Power Couple – You are unstoppable, nothing stands in your way!

It Takes Two Gold Trophies

  • It Took Two – You did it! CO-LLA-BO-RATION!
  • Minigame Megalomania – All minigames found!
  • Plastic Prison Breakers – They had no way out.
  • Break the Bank – Guess it was time to cash out.
  • A Daring Devil – Put on a show and die trying.
  • Realize Your Art – Isn’t it pretty? That’s going on the fridge.
  • On Rails Experience – Choo Choo!
  • Platforming Prodigy – Helltower? More like hello-from-up-here-tower!
  • Force Triangulated – Breathe some wind into your ocarina, my skyward princess!
  • Mood Swing – Took things a bit too far, didn’t you?

It Takes Two Bronze Trophies

  • Fried Friendship – It takes two to… torture.
  • Struck a Pose – Self-inflicted paparazzi.
  • Faraway Frequencies – The truth was out there all along!
  • Look At Him Go – Shoot for the stars, literally.
  • Snackosaurus – Now look who’s extinct!
  • Lost and Found – Again? Keep track of your kids!
  • Something Fishy – Don’t feed the animals! Or do, they’re adorable.
  • Terror of the Seven Seas – Scurvy! Ye look smashing, captain!
  • Bug Sized Relaxation – Release that tension at the root level.
  • Meditation Maestro – You reached a higher state of mind. Or at least some peace and quiet.

The game’s latest trailer, We’re Better Together, gives another look at the world created from the pair’s broken relationship. Will Cody and May be able to sort out their problems?

It Takes Two releases on PS4 and PS5 on March 26, although the PS5 version won’t come with any special console features besides technical enhancements.

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