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A Way Out Developer Unveils Co-op Action-Adventure Platformer It Takes Two

Nearly two years ago, EA announced plans to publish A Way Out developer Hazelight Studios’ next project. Few details have surfaced since then, but Creative Director Josef Fares recently divulged a teaser would appear at this week’s EA Play Live event. Needless to say, the team delivered in spades. Hazelight Studios’ new game assumes the form of It Takes Two, a colorful co-op platformer. This fresh and innovative adventure will release sometime in 2021.

EA and Fares officially unveiled It Takes Two in a brief video segment, during which Fares offers background information about his past. His talk later segues into a game announcement, complete with glimpses of the team’s vision for the title. Check it out in the video below:

In the video, Fares describes It Takes Two as a “co-op action adventure platformer that will blow your f***ing mind away.” The tumultuous life of two parents and their young daughter, Rose, sets the stage for the narrative. This small family is slowly being torn apart by an impending divorce.

Not wanting her parents to split up, Rose uses clay and wood to create two dolls, each one representative of her folks. When the dolls “magically” come to life, players will take control of them. Fares emphasizes players will actually assume control of their emotions, too. In “marrying the story and the mechanics,” Hazelight aims to develop levels specifically for the parents’ emotions. How this will play out remains to be seen.

All of this certainly aligns with Fares’ previous tease about Hazelight’s next big project. Last summer, the Creative Director told VG247 that he and the team were working on something he referred to as mechanically “insane.” That seems to be the case.

[Source: EA.com]