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Bobby Kotick Ranked Among Top 50 Most Influential Men

October 30, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

The chief executive officer of Activison, Bobby Kotick, has experienced more than his fair share of the media’s limelight. Being the head of the biggest video game powerhouse, power and influence simply comes with the territory. As a result, the CEO of Activison has been honored among the ranks of the most influential men of the year., the popular men’s publication, annually tallies up who they believe to be the most influential men. For the year 2010, everyone’s favorite figure in gaming was ranked at number 16 in the list, above many greats like talk show host David Lettermen, rapper Eminem, and even United States President Barack Obama.

In addition to the rankings judged by the publishing staff at, the website invited their readers to voice their opinion on each individual rank in the form of a survey and, when it came to the positioning of Bobby Kotick, the majority of the readers have disagreed with his rank among the top 20 most influential men.

While this list is by no means a popularity contest, it is certainly unfair to discount the Activison CEO’s influence on the gaming industry given his controversial voice speaking out on everything from Sony and their console pricing, video game pricing in general, and all the way to development house control.

From a gamer’s standpoint, without bringing personality into this, do you think Bobby Kotick is more influential than the President of the United States? Tell us in the comments below.