Did Bungie Just Out Naughty Dog’s Next Project?

October 30, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

Bungie, the studio famous for the Halo franchise, are very friendly with other developers across the country. While they’re working on their own multiplatform game, did they just out the game of their friends?

Wednesday evening, some of the Naughty Dog’s hopped onto Xbox Live to play with the Bungie fellows up in Bellevue, Washington. Not the first time that these two have worked with each other. While the details of the match were discussed in detail over at the Bungie Blog, the Northwesters had this to say:

Late last night, four grown ass men from the award-winning gaming studio Naughty Dog took some time away from crafting their next totally unannounced, super top secret project to square off with us in Halo: Reach.

While it’s obvious that the folks down in Santa Monica are doing something after working on 2009’s Game of the Year, no one knows what it actually is. While we’re all absolutely sure that it’s Uncharted 3 (regardless of if it is subtitled World of Deceit), there is no actual evidence as to what they’re working on. It’s all super top secret stuff. But later on in the post, there is some special.

Team Totally Not Working on Uncharted 3 Right Now
  • Justin Richmond
  • Rodney Reece
  • Matt Morgan
  • Troy Slough
  • Wait…what? Hopefully we’ll hear something real soon, cause this teasing is getting ridiculous.