Killzone 3 Beta Impressions

One of the most memorable online experiences, for me personally, was and still is Killzone 2‘s multiplayer. Upon the game’s release, I was always found it enjoying; the amazing experience the game’s multiplayer delivers and thus I entered the top 100 online players leader board. However, my rank is now in the millions as I haven’t touched it for over a year. Still, the game’s multiplayer was a refreshing gameplay experience and, when the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta arrived, I was relishing the chance to give it a whirl.

There are three maps within the beta with each being absolutely massive – much bigger than any of Killzone 2’s multiplayer modes. Although this is to be expected in a game with multiplayer, the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta will require the player to spend a healthy amount of time familiarizing themselves with the large levels.

The scoring system has also received notable changes. The modified XP system has players now obtaining 100 points, instead of one, for one kill; 50 for a killing opposing enemies with a turret; and finally, 50 and 25 for and assisted kill via repairing and healing. Also, all of the classes can be used from the very beginning, meaning players won’t have to acquire a certain amount of points to become a specific class. However, each of the classes are not going to give every single perk associated with the class. Instead, it’s going to initially give only the basic abilities. The perks have to be unlocked for use which can then be upgraded throughout the three levels.

Once the player finishes the match, the game summary will list all the achievements they have done whilst playing in a session. By getting the most kills, additional XP is granted. The player’s total XP is then consequently added up to a total where your personal rank will rise concurrently.

The controls have also seen significant change. The overall movement has been modified to the average player’s liking. Specifically, the input delay has been decreased and Guerrilla was also thoughtful enough to add an alternate control scheme which has L1 being used for zoom while R1 fires.

The graphical attributes which the game has boasted from the very beginning of the series on the PS3 are stunning, especially considering this is still in beta form; even the water is strikingly gorgeous to stare at. The Frozen Dam level has some amazing snow effects where no one will be able to say it looks like a bunch of small white dots. Also, players will undoubtedly notice that each map will be filled with vibrant and impressive colors as well as effects. It’s simply a beautiful looking game and to compare it with technical masterpieces, such as Uncharted 2, wouldn’t be a crime.

The sound, although fairly similar to Killzone 2, is much better time time around. Touching on the stunning water again, when you find yourself next to the sea, you’re able to hear the waves twirling and splashing over themselves. The wind also swashes itself around across the level – essentially giving the player the perfect blizzard environment. Situations where you’re wandering outside a building, looking for opponents, is when you’ll most likely hear gun shots echoing out. Speaking of guns, upon firing the character’s own firearm, players will notice that it is much louder than in Killzone 2, which is all the better for those who have their surround sound system.

Judging purely by the fact that this is a beta, there will be the inevitable bugs and glitches. This is why Guerrilla wanted a beta: so players can report back valuable feedback for which they can use and improve the final product. Alpha code is on the screen throughout the duration of your gameplay experience so you’ll know this is an indication you’re going to be experiencing some frustrating bugs. For example, the framerate seems have a few hiccups when there’s a lot going on, especially when the turrets start exploding with gunfire. There’s a few more, but rest assured, that the developers will obviously fix problems that the players have been experiencing.

Killzone 3’s multiplayer beta has essentially fixed and improved upon everything that was wrong in its predecessor’s online multiplayer component. The gameplay is enjoyable as ever, the sound is booming, visuals are amazing, and the effort put into Killzone 3’s multiplayer, for the most part, is delightful to experience. And let’s not forget, with the inclusion of jetpacks along with everything stated above, fans of the series should indeed be looking forward to what Killzone 3’s full multiplayer offering has to deliver.