Dead Space 2 Built on Multiplayer

November 2, 2010Written by Allen Tyson

Multiplayer is an integral part of modern games, with many people buying games simply to play online. However, every now and then we find ourselves playing games where the multiplayer component feels like an add-on and not it’s own experience. Visceral Games knows how important multiplayer is all too well; so much so that without the multiplayer integration in Dead Space 2 it would be a different game entirely.

In a recent interview with EGM Scott Probst, Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Producer, had this to say about the importance of multiplayer in the upcoming title:

From the very inception… the idea has been to make multiplayer something that is core to the experience, core to the franchise, and core to Dead Space 2,

In the era of so many “me too” multiplayer games, it’s nice that in Visceral’s case, it’s going to be a core to the game itself. How important is a solid multiplayer for games? Let us know in the comments below.