The Sly Collection’s Trophies Sneak Online

First announced at E3 2010, The Sly Collection is Sony’s latest foray into the world of High-Definition remakes. Not to be outdone by the God of War Collection, Sly Cooper will be fighting crime with a trio of platinum trophies under his belt. What about the rest?

With 36 trophies across each game and eight more for the new PlayStation Move Mini Games, The Sly Collection has a total of…116 trophies on one disc! Unbelievable! It’s got to be a new record! Here is the list broken down by each individual game.

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Racoonus

A doggy girl (Bronze)

Take a police file from Carmelita


Find one coin

Coin recycler (Bronze)

Find 60 coins

Dozens of coins (Bronze)

Find 99 coins

Plans in the snow (Bronze)

Find plans in the snow

Very talented programmers (Bronze)

Find plans in the water

Like a bulldog (Bronze)

Find a plan from Muggshot

Hat trick (Bronze)

Learn the explosive hat technique from Rob McCooper.

Let’s go to the adventure! (Bronze)

Enter into the world of Sly Cooper!

With Slytankhamon agreement (Bronze)

Upgrade your shadow

Walk like an Egyptian (Bronze)

Learn the secret move from Slytankhamon

Bomber (Bronze)

Learn the plugging attack from Drake Cooper

Lazy (Bronze)

Upgrade your slow motion

Not so fast (Bronze)

Learn the slow motion jump from Dev Cooperinda

Double vision (Bronze)

Learn the duplication technique from Andre Cooper

Coin hoover (Bronze)

Learn the coin magnet technique from Karina Coopergina

Not afraid of spikes (Bronze)

Learn the anti-gravity technique from Augustine Cooper

Singing alligator (Bronze)

Find a voodoo plan

Don’t move (Bronze)

Learn the technique from Colonel Reid Cooper

Soaking (Bronze)

Learn the aquatic security technique from Suzanne Cooper

The tricks of the job (Bronze)

Start your adventure with Cooper

Dog game (Bronze)

Enter into Muggshot’s territory

Frog legs (Silver)

Beat Raleigh the frog

Grab a bone (Silver)

Beat Muggshot

Dance, Dance, Ruby (Silver)

Beat Ruby

A not so cute panda (Silver)

Beat Panda King

Clock blocker (Silver)

Upgrade every slow down technique at the maximum level

Blackout (Silver)

Upgrade every shadow technique at the maximum level

Swamp lily (Silver)

Enter into the voodoo swamp

Clockwerk Orange (Silver)

Find Clockwerk

Meeting the elders (Gold)

Find all the plans

The lure of money (Gold)

Open every strongbox

No, that’s impossible (Gold)

Beat Clockwerk

Bottle stock (Gold)

Find every bottle containing a message

Clever like a thief (Gold)

Learn every plunging attack

The Real Thievius Racoonus (Platinum)

Unlock every trophy from the first adventure of Sly Cooper

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