The Sly Collection

The Sly Collection’s Trophies Sneak Online

First announced at E3 2010, The Sly Collection is Sony’s latest foray into the world of High-Definition remakes. Not to be outdone by the God of War Collection, Sly Cooper will be fighting crime with a trio of platinum trophies under his belt. What about the rest?

by Corey Schwanz
November 3rd, 2010

The Sly Collection Joins Sony’s November Line-Up

For the first few years of the PlayStation 3’s lifespan consumers were worried about the lack of backward compatibility on all but the premium 60GB models. Sony answer was to release HD, upgraded PlayStation 2 collections beginning with the God of War: Collection. Now The Sly Collection is only a few days from joining the elite.

by Jonathan Leack
October 28th, 2010
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