Bad Company 2 in the Company of 6 Million

EA’s massive shooter Bad Company 2 is showing just how “bad” it actually is, with the game racking in profits for the publisher. The game boasts some pretty impressive sales figures, enough for it be labelled as a “new stand-alone franchise” by the publisher.

Chief Operating Officer of Electronic Arts John Schappert announced at an earnings meeting that DICE’s Bad Company 2 is taking its sales in impressive strides.

“On the spring, we released Battlefield: Bad Company 2, with a Metacritic index of 89. Today, Bad Company 2 is sold through almost 6 million units, more than double the sales of the original.

“Congratulations to the team at our DICE Studio in Stockholm for turning Battlefield: Bad Company into a new stand-alone franchise for EA.”

A praise like that will definitely help align DICE’s motivation for their next Bad Company 3, which is due at an unannounced date in 2011. With its outstanding multiplayer and gun play mechanics, check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s review of Bad Company 2 and see why we enjoyed it so much.