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Don’t Sleep on Shenmue III Just Yet

November 4, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

The long-rumored and always shot down Shenmue III has reared its head around the interwebs yet again, this time courtesy of the good people over at CVG. Speaking with Sega West boss Mike Hayes, CVG extracted a glimmer of hope for the game that many of us are eagerly hoping for when he went on to say “never say never” concerning the game.

Of course this does not mean much as we are sure any developer would say the same thing about a highly requested game. This keeps the door open just in case a publisher might want to foot the bill for the games development, something that Sega has said they would be willing to do, possibly making the game exclusive to one console.

So there you have it, the game just won’t die and the question becomes, who out there wants it to die?