Mirror’s Edge 2 Still on the Rooftops

November 4, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Mirror’s Edge has been one of this generation’s most unique titles, and while it wasn’t successful financially, it has inspired several developers to include parkour mechanics into their game. Many have considered the game a fun title that had the potential to be a true blockbuster, but fell just short of its true potential. Would a sequel give it a second chance?

Patrick Soderlund from EA shared the following regarding his thoughts on the Mirror’s Edge IP during an interview with Eurogamer:

Mirror’s Edge is an IP that’s close to my heart and EA’s as well.

He then added the following:

What I can say is, we haven’t buried it. We’re absolutely continuing to support Mirror’s Edge as an IP.

Bethesda’s upcoming RPG Brink has some striking similarities to Mirror’s Edge despite being in another genre. With some extra content and better shooting mechanics, a Mirror’s Edge 2 could really ignite the industry as we know it. Here’s to hoping the creative guys over at EA can take advantage of the potential, and maybe we’ll even see some Move integration.