Home Version 1.4 Update Inbound

November 7, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

Since Home was released, social gamers have seen a constant flow of new content. Yet another new update hitting very soon will be bringing some much wanted features back to the service, along with a few new additions.

On Thursday, November 11th, PlayStation Home will be updated to version 1.4. And although Sony will be giving us the complete list of updates next week, they did let us in on a few tidbits to whet our appetite.

The first feature that is making its triumphant return is voice chat, though this time around, voice chat is going to have some tweaks. For one, you will need to be in a group in order to use it; so no more having to deal with annoying people trying to harass you. The groups can hold up to eight people and can take place in both private and public areas. Another nice feature is these groups will have dedicated voice and text chats so members can still chat regardless if they’re in the same area or not. There also will be new channels made specifically for clubs so you can talk to other members.

The  wardrobe system will also be getting some minor tweaks. For one there will be new ways to sort your wardrobe:

  • You will now have the ability to mark items as “Favorites” – making commonly-used items much easier to relocate.
  • Newly-acquired items (along with categories that contain new items) will be marked accordingly.
  • Options for filtering and sorting items have been added, giving you greater control over which items you see and how they are displayed.

Lastly there will be a place to store unused or rarely used items. This way your wardrobe will load faster, and allow you to get through your inventory faster.

Keep an eye as more information is released sometime next week.