The Sims 3 – Trophy Guide

The Sims 3 features 51 trophies consisting of 34 bronze, 15 silver, 1 gold, and one Platinum trophy. Use our Sims 3 trophy guide to capture everything from the smallest of bronze trophies, to the elusive platinum.

Master of Simology (Platinum) – Unlock all other Trophies.

– Unlock the other 50 trophies.

Baby Steps (Bronze) – Create a household.

– This will be the first thing you do. Just create a sim and buy a house and the trophy will unlock.

Graduated (Bronze) – Complete the in-game tutorial.

– When you start there will be a tutorial in the upper right hand corner. There are seven different things you will need to do. Just go through the list and complete each one. When you complete the last one you will get the trophy.

How You Doin’? (Bronze) – Learn the Charisma Skill.

– You can do this a few ways. Either spend some time practicing your speech in front of a mirror or get a book and read, Either way once you level up the trophy will unlock.

Wishful Thinker (Bronze) – Complete 10 Wishes.

– See “Miracle Worker”.

Wish-Master (Silver) – Complete 100 Wishes.

– See “Miracle Worker”.

Miracle Worker (Gold) – Complete 1,000 Wishes.

– Throughout your time controlling your sim you will get a constant stream of wishes. These will appear in the upper right hand corner and can be many things, from simply buying a computer or learning a new skill to more complex like earning a certain amount of money. These are basically objectives that will keep you entertained and provide tasks to shoot for. Complete these as often as you can as you also get lifetime happiness points for completing them.

Dream Big (Silver) – Complete a Lifetime Wish.

– Lifetime wishes are bigger and harder to achieve. These usually involve reaching a certain level during a career. Just pay attention to what you need to do to reach that wish. When it comes to careers you need to make sure that your sim is happy, and also has the skill to advance. So be sure to check out what is needed to advance in that career as soon as you are promoted.

Child Prodigy (Silver) – Complete Lifetime Wish before becoming a Young Adult.

– This will require you to either start the game as a child or wait until your sims have a kid. From there they will be given a lifetime wish. Usually this will be in the form of mastering a skill so it should be relatively easy. Once you are given this wish then simply focus on what you will need to do to achieve this. If its mastering a certain skill then only perform that particular skill and do not worry about anything else.

What Goes Around (Bronze) – Use a Karma Power.

– Press select and go to the Karma Powers. then select a karma power and use it. There are a few Karma powers that are pretty cheap like instant beauty which only costs 10 karma points. You can use either a good or bad karma power to get this trophy.

BFF! (Bronze) – Make a best friend.

– Socializing is essential to your sim. You can do this a couple ways you can socialize at work get to know a few people. Then call them and chat find out their interests and the dislikes. Finally invite them over to hang out do this a few times and they will be your best friend in no time. Just be sure to focus on one person as this will make it easier and quicker.

Sim About Town (Bronze) – Attend a town event.

– You can check out upcoming town events in the paper. Grab the paper to see what the upcoming events are, and when they are happening. Then when the day and time comes up go to the event.

It’s a Date (Bronze) – Go on a date.

– Once your sim is in a relationship go to the town map and select a restaurant.  Then select go here then with someone and select your partner. Once you get there and go inside you will get the trophy.

You Never Forget Your First (Bronze) – Have a first kiss.

– Start talking to a sim and find out there interests, what they do and make many compliments. This will take a few times hanging out, but keep at it. After a couple times hanging out you will become friends then best friends and finally you can take your chance at the first kiss. Select that sim and then Special, in that menu will be the option for first kiss. As long as the other sim has very strong feelings for you then this should not be an issue. Try and find a sim with similar interests as some sims just aren’t compatible and this will be a lot harder.

Woo Hoo! (Bronze) – Make Woo Hoo.

– If you’ve managed to get the first kiss then this is just a few short steps away. After the first kiss you can do more romantic stuff, hold hands, message, cuddle on the couch do this a few times and once the other sim finds you irresistible ask them if they want to make Woo Hoo. If they agree then the trophy is yours.

The Big Proposal (Silver) – Get engaged.

– Once you and your partner have gone steady you will need to keep being romantic. Eventually with persistence you will get the option to propose. Once you propose and they say yes then you’ll get the trophy.

Once a Parent, Always a Parent (Bronze) – Welcome a child into the family.

– Once the other sim finds you irresistible you can select the option to Try for a Baby. After about a day you will find out if your sim is pregnant then three days later you’ll have a new bundle of joy. Some sims have a hard time getting pregnant so you may need to use the fertility treatment lifetime reward (this costs 10,000 lifetime reward points).

Climbing the Ladder (Bronze) – Reach level 5 in a career.

– First you will need a job so either look in the paper for one or go into town and select a building and get a job there. Once you have a job you will need to keep your mood up when you go to work as well as improve certain skills. As you keep getting promoted you will need to have even more skills in other areas. As long as you pay attention to what you need to accomplish then this is pretty easy. You can also choose to work hard while you are at work which will also help you to get to your promotions faster.

That New Car Smell (Bronze) – Buy a car.

– First you will need at least $1,100. Go to the Build/Buy menu then buy a driveway and finally buy a car the cheapest being $950.

Not Twice, But 10 Times(Bronze) – Complete 10 Opportunities.

– Opportunities are random events that will either involve your job or your skill. These will pop up while you are at work and you will have a certain amount of time to do them. These can be working overtime, going somewhere or working out a certain way. Just complete 10 of these and the trophy is yours.

This is so Meta (Bronze) – Experience the Meta.

– In order to get this your sim will need to watch TV for 10 hours and play video games for 10 hours. Each one is also a challenge so you will know when you’ve completed 10 hours of each.

I Double Dare Ya (Bronze) – Explore the catacombs after dark.

– The Catacombs are located at the Specter Family Mausoleum which is on the upper left hand corner of the town map. Go here and explore the catacombs after midnight. When you finish exploring you will get the trophy.

Sim-Author (Bronze) – Write a book.

– This will be a little time consuming, but first buy a computer. Then go to the computer and select write a book, from there it will take a few in game days, but with a little effort and persistence you will finish the book and get the trophy.

Epic Party (Bronze) – Throw an awesome party.

– This one is pretty easy and didn’t take a lot of effort. I waited till my birthday then threw the party at the park. I invited all of my friends and acquaintances. Then when everyone got there I served food then talked to everyone. When I finally celebrated my birthday everyone cheered then started leaving and they all said it was epic. So pretty much make sure all of your guests are happy and they will enjoy the party.

You also can go all out and learn to play guitar, get a juice bar and all the bells and whistles, but I would try the above method first.

Partners in Crime (Bronze) – Become a partner of the Paragon Personal Private Charity Warehouse.

– Go to the town map and then at the top of the map select the Paragon Personal Private Charity Warehouse. Then to become a partner you will need to have $15,000 saved up to activate the become a partner option.

Stylizer (Bronze) – Design and save 20 styles using Create a Style.

– This is easy but tedious. First go to buy/build then hit triangle and go down to Create a Style. Select a piece of furniture then select the flower icon. From here go down to all the different finishes and hit X. Once you get to this menu select a finish then press triangle to save. Do this 19 more times and the trophy will unlock.

Be Excellent To Each-other (Bronze) – Reach the maximum potential Karma.

– The maximum karma is 100. This should be completed pretty quickly if you continue to fulfill wishes. Also do not spend any karma until you’ve unlocked this trophy.

Home is Where the Simoleons Are(Bronze) – Raise your household’s value to §35,000 or more.

– This will be easier if you have multiple sims working at the same time. By going into the build/buy mode you can see what your house is worth. From there just save up the required money to reach that $35,000 goal. Once you have the money go and spend all the money on furniture so your house value reaches $35,000. Remember furniture’s value depreciates with time so make one big purchase to get the most bang for your buck.

Not Dead Yet (Bronze) – Resurrect a Sim.

– Wait for your sim to die of old age. Then visit the cemetery and use the divine intervention karma power to resurrect your sim. In order to get the divine intervention karma power you will need to first explore the catacombs and then purchase it from the challenge store for 150 challenge points. Divine Intervention will also cost you 75 karma points.

Mad Skillz (Bronze) – Complete any 2 Skill Journal Milestones.

– See “Leet Skillz”.

Leet Skillz (Silver) – Complete any 10 Skill Journal Milestones.

– Skill Milestones are difficult feats that will take some time like preparing 50 meals or learning all of the recipes. To view your Skill Journal hit square to bring up your menu then move to skills and press X. From here you can see each skill and what the milestones are. By far some of the easier ones are cooking 50 and 75 meals since you cook all of the time as well as fixing so many appliances since stuff is always breaking. Just keep referring back to this journal and you will meet these goals.

Expertise (Silver) – Reach level 10 in a Skill.

– Focus on one skill, whether its cooking, athletic ect. If you choose cooking then cook, watch the cooking channel and read cook books. Keep doing this until you reach level 10.

But it’s Inflammable! (Bronze) – Extinguish a Sim on fire.

– A fire can start a few ways, either by failing while cooking or tinkering with something electric or using the firestorm karma. Either way be sure to have no fire alarm and also make sure no sims with the brave trait are around. Then when a fire is started and your sim catches on fire be another sim and select the on fire sim and choose the option extinguish sim. Be sure to save before trying this as fire will cause a lot of damage to your house.

Epic Fail (Bronze) – Use the Epic Fail Karma Power on 13 unsuspecting sims not in your family.

– There is pretty easy and straight forward. Go to the park or invite a sim over then use the Epic Fail Karma power on them. It will cost you 25 karma points per use so it will take some time.

Matchmaker (Bronze) – Start 5 romantic relationships.

– This can be done a few ways. You can try and get your sim to become boyfriend and girlfriend with five different sims. You also get another point towards this when you get engaged so for every time you et engaged you essentially have gained two points. So if you get two sims in the house have both of them get engaged and at some point have one of them simply become boyfriend and girlfriend with another sim and dump them.

Owned! (Bronze) – Buy out a commercial property in town.

– To be able to buy any property first become a partner. It will always cost some cash to become a partner so look around for cheaper offers. Then once your a partner you can start saving up in order to try and buy the property straight out.

Pyromaniac (Bronze) – Get an insurance check for over §15,000 after using the Firestorm Karma Power.

– First things first save up a lot of cash and purchase a bunch of expensive stuff. Then pile it all close together, and finally use the Firestorm Karma. Once all of your new stuff is destroyed you will be given a check for at least $15,000. You will need to save up at least $50,000 to guarantee a big check.

Fit For a King (Bronze) – Prepare a perfect meal.

– There is a lot more to this then simply getting your sim to a level 10 in cooking. You need to have a sim that also has the natural cook and professional trait. Then you need to go to the store and pick out all of the ingredients. Finally you need to use the Festus 44 that one of your sims has upgraded the meal quality. At this time it should only take a few attempts to make that perfect meal.

Botanical Perfection (Bronze) – Grow a perfect plant.

– First you need a seed that you can plant outside. Once you plant it keep checking on it and tend to it whenever the option is available. Once the tree is fully grown harvest the fruit, which will provide a seed that is even better quality then the previous one. Keep repeating this process until you get a mature perfect plant.

Trophy Fish (Bronze) – Catch a perfect fish.

– This will just take some waiting and some luck. Fish and fish often the more you fish the more likely you will catch a perfect fish. You can try reading books and using fancy bait, but really in the long run persistence will pay off.

Happiness… It Stacks (Bronze) – Get 5 positive moodlets at the same time on one Sim.

– This is pretty easy and more then likely will come by simply playing the game. You get positive moodlets by feeling comfortable, having a good meal, being in love, so try and do a lot of things that make your sim happy. Using the Super satisfy Karma will give you two positive moodlets right off the bat so the other three are up to you. I would suggest sitting on a couch or laying in bed for the comfy moodlet. Also completing wishes will give you a positive moodlet.

Challenging (Bronze) – Complete 50 Challenges.

– See “Uberchallenging”.

Very Challenging (Silver) – Complete 100 Challenges.

– See “Uberchallenging”.

Uberchallenging(Silver) – Complete 150 Challenges.

– Challenges can be found by pressing select and going to the right and selecting Challenges and Rewards. Here you will find close to 300 challenges of which you will need to complete half of. Most are relatively easy get a job, have a baby, watch a game at the stadium in fact you should be able to mange a ton of challenges simply playing the game and not paying attention to them. Some of the easier ways to finish challenges would be to master a skill, become a master chef then you can make specialty dishes which will unlock even more challenges. If you have a family you can have each sim focusing on their own set of challenges to help get this trophy quicker. As long as you pay attention to what you need to do this is relatively easy just time consuming.

Movin’ On Up (Silver) – Move into a new home.

– This is pretty cut and dry. Select your sim then go to cell phone and finally move out. From there you just need to select a new location to move to.

Working Friends (Silver) – Become best friends with your boss and all of your co-workers.

– This will require you to befriend two people your boss and one co-worker. When you go to your relationship menu you can see who you work with as they will have an icon of someone sitting at a desk. Once you figure out who you need to work on then invite them over hang out and talk. Once you get them both up to best friend status the trophy will unlock.

Power Overwhelming (Silver) – Unlock every Good Karma Power by purchasing them with Challenge Points.

– Most of these will need to be purchased with challenge points, which will run a total of 950 points. There are also three karmas that you will need to complete a challenge in order to unlock.

  • Get Lucky Karma – First Kiss
  • Giant Jackpot Karma – Get your house value over $35,000
  • Divine Intervention Karma – Explore the catacombs

The Reviler (Silver) – Become a public menace.

– You will first need a sim that has the evil sim trait as well as the kleptomaniac trait. If your sim does not have these traits then you can use the Midlife Crises Option which will run you 20,000 points. Then you will need to do five things.

  • (1) Steal candy from a baby 5 times.
  • (2) Be mean 10 times.
  • (3) Become enemies with 15 sims.
  • (4) Steal 20 things as a kleptomaniac sim.
  • (5) Return a stolen object.

Master Architect (Silver) – Build a home of at least §350,000 property value on a large lot.

– This is simply a time consuming trophy. Your furnished house value needs to be over $350,000 so first save up $350,000 then buy one of the large lots running about $100,000. From there by all the expensive stuff that you could ever want. Be sure to purchase everything at once since object value depreciate with time.

Genie (Silver) – Gain 150,000 Lifetime Happiness Points in one Sim.

– See “True Wealth”.

True Wealth (Silver) – Gain 250,000 Lifetime Happiness on one Sim.

– First this can only be completed with one sim, so it will be best to start as young as possible. Lifetime Happiness points are earned by completing wishes. Since most wishes grant you under a 1,000, with a few managing 10,000,  completing as many and as often as possible is key. Also completing a lifetime wish will grant you around 30,000 points. Be sure to only focus on the  sim as it is not a combined trait. Also you can still make lifetime reward purchase as this is simply an overall total and you do not need to have 250,000 at one time.