BioWare Producer Clarifies Mass Effect 2 DLC and Comic

November 9, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Mass Effect 2 has remained one of the most well-received titles of 2010, performing exceptionally well, both critically and commercially. When news officially broke that the game would be coming to the PlayStation 3, gamer’s understandably rejoiced that the franchise would be joining the PlayStation family. However, as the original Mass Effect 1 would not be coming to the PS3, rumors have began to bounce around regarding how the story would makes sense for newcomers to the series, with many rumblings pointing towards story based DLC. Those rumors have now come to an end with a post by the game’s producer.

Just today, the official PlayStation Twitter account posted the following:

Mass Effect 2 PS3 update: Exclusive interactive comic to re-tell ME1, 6+ hours of bonus missions included

To set things straight, BioWare Producer Jesse Houston has clarified that the 6+ hours of bonus missions will entail the three included DLC packs that the PS3 version will come packaged with at retail. In addition, it has been confirmed that an interactive comic will be included which will explain the events of Mass Effect 1 to get players caught up to speed on the series.

BioWare has also revealed the UK cover for the game which should be similar to the NA version, and features the same art that both the PC and Xbox 360 versions saw earlier this year.

Mass Effect 2 is currently scheduled for its PS3 debut in January 2011 which will mark the one-year anniversary for the title.