DICE Listens and Introduces a Special Battlefield Bad Company 2 Map Pack

The staff at EA subsidiary DICE have treated their Battlefield Bad Company 2 VIP members quite nicely with six different free map packs. Oh, and if you thought they were done then you’re in for quite the surprise.

Announced just this week on the Battlefield Blog is the upcoming VIP map pack 7. The pack will include four maps, two of which are new and were taken from the single player Cold War and Heavy Metal. The other two are remakes from the first Battlefield Bad Company‘s and are inherently titled Harvest Day and Oasis. There have been some major updates made as the new maps will now be utilizing Destruction 2.0 as well as enhanced graphics and lighting in addition to and remastered ambient sounds and backgrounds.

The latest map pack is DICE’s way of showing that they listen to the community as Harvest Day and Oasis have remained the most highly sought-after remakes. As usual, if you’re a VIP member then you will be able to download the map pack for free. If by chance you are not a VIP member then you can become one for the low price of $15.