PSN Review – Soldner-X 2: The Last Chapter

November 10, 2010Written by Mike Hartnett

Its been roughly six months since our last foray into the Soldner-X universe, and now EastAsiaSoft has been kind enough to bring to the PSN a fresh batch of DLC in Soldner X-2: The Last Chapter. Is this final installment in the Soldner-X series worth it? Let’s find out!

If you might recall, we at PlayStation LifeStyle liked Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype… a lot, and this latest offering is no different. With this downloadable pack comes the three final stages (8, 9 and 10), with stage 8 immediately available from the get-go, regardless whether or not you manged to complete stage 7 in the original game. In addition to this there are 13 new challenges to be completed and 11 new trophies to earn.

The action is as frantic and fast-paced as ever, and despite the sometimes overwhelming feeling, you always manage to just make it out of daunting situations alive. There are dozens of new enemies to contend with, each with their own unique quirks and sometimes dazzling attacks.The boss battles are equally awesome, with stage 9 being one giant boss battle in and of itself. And once you make it to the end of the game, the final boss battle will stand out as one of the more memorable fights in gaming. There’s a reason for this, but we’re not going to go and spoil it for you. Find out for yourself!

That brings us to the visuals for these new stages. All we have to say is… WOW. There are moments in this DLC pack where the visuals were so phenomenally gorgeous, it made us feel like we were 5 years old again, seeing something awe-inspiring for the first time. This is most obvious in the final stage, where the backdrops change and fluctuate with incredible patterns effects which are really something to behold. If there’s one point in a game which causes a person to become totally engulfed in the on-screen action and visuals, it’s this one. Absolutely brilliant.

Then finally there is the sound, which is just as awesome as it was the first time around in the original game. Rafael Dyll is a musical genius, and his work with soniQfactory for this round of DLC cemented that notion. As usual, expect an adrenaline pumping thrill-ride, with bumping techno-inspired beats throughout. And for those arguing about the length of this new content, hush puppy. Although these new stages can be completed in a little over an hour, the challenges, new trophies, and online leaderboards will definitely have you coming back for more. Even if the challenges were excluded, these new stages are phenomenal, and shouldn’t be judged based on their length, but on their quality and incredibly high fun-factor.

At a price of only $5.99, Soldner-X 2: The Last Chapter is hands down one of the best DLC offerings on the PSN, and is easily worth the price of admission. And with the Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype Complete Bundle now available in the PlayStation Store for $14.99, there’s no reason for newcomers to miss out on the experience. Log on and grab it now!

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

+ Just when you thought the Soldner-X 2 visuals couldn’t get any more dazzling, they did.

+ Soundtrack will lull you into a state of gaming nirvana.

+ New enemies and boss battles are spectacular, especially towards the end of the game.

9 out of 10