Murder And Zombies To Be Revealed At Video Game Awards

While some gamers may dislike Spike TV’s Video Gaming Awards for focusing on celebrity culture rather than gaming, that doesn’t mean the show won’t be filled with a bunch of game reveals and world premiers. The program is already set to host the first reveal of Batman: Arkham City, as well as Bioware’s next game, but now Spike has teased what else will be shown at the event.

In a video from Spike, a poster saying “Infected? Report It!” flashes up, with two zombies clearly visible. At the top left, one can see “For The” six or seven, and at the bottom right it says “1 of 3” hinting at more posters before the reveal at the VGAs.

What the zombie game could be is unknown, possibly a new Left 4 Dead or Dead Rising, or even a new entry into the zombie universe. While the Left 4 Dead franchise is currently only on the Xbox 360 and the PC, Valve has shown their interest in the PlayStation 3, announcing that Portal 2 on the PS3 would be “the best version on any console”.

The trailer also flashed a barcode (viewable here), which directs you to a link, that says “Look Closer”, and, even more cryptically: “Murder”.The “murder” teaser may be related to the zombie game, or could be an entirely new game – perhaps even Hellboy and Pan Labyrinth Director Guillermo Del Toro’s title.

What do you think the new game(s) could be? Or have you uncovered anything else about the titles? Let us know in the comments below.