Sony Kills Gran Turismo 5 Launch Butterflies with Dynamic Installs

November 21, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

It was reported earlier in the week that Gran Turismo 5 will include an optional install weighing in at a massive 6.4 Gigabytes. While large installs are nothing new on the PlayStation 3, some users who haven’t opted to upgrade their hard drive are starting to experience the effects of PlayStation Syndrome. While it might not be a solution for the storage issue, Sony’s new dynamic-installation should prove valuable to those not interested in waiting 40 minutes for the install to complete.

According to Sony, if a player chooses not to install the Gran Turismo 5 data during start-up, the game will incrementally install the data as it is referenced. Sony explained the following:

“If users choose not to install the data straight away it will do it in stages as news areas, tracks, etc. are accessed during normal gameplay.”

It has been noted by a few lucky users who already have the game that the install takes roughly 40 minutes to complete. The option of incremental installs is a huge addition by Sony, and those who have waited over the course of all five years of Polyphony Digital’s development cycle will be more than happy to make use of it.

Only a few days until November 24th.