VGAs May Very Well Reveal Uncharted 3

Although the existence of Uncharted 3 hasn’t been officially confirmed, we all know development of a third game in the hugely successful PlayStation franchise has been on going via many, many hints including Nathan Drake’s voice actor saying Uncharted 3 is common sense. Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 2 made its début at the 2008 Video Game Awards show and was then released in October, 2009. Now, according to a source the next iteration in the critically acclaimed series will make its début during this year’s VGAs.

According to Kotaku‘s sources PlayStation 3 owners will be happy to know that an Uncharted 3 video will be revealed at Spike’s Video Game Awards, which takes place on December 11th. Kotaku also believes Sony’s recent tease of an “exclusive PlayStation 3 reveal” event a day after December 12th will seemingly provide press with an extended look at the title.

As Uncharted 2 made its début during the show two years ago, Sony could mirror that and reveal the sequel next month, with the franchise certainly being large enough to warrant its own press event.