Explodemon Shooting Sparks Until January

Following trend with the other cool kids on the playground yard, Curve Studios have sent out word that Explodemon will not be here by the end of the year, as previously announced. Not one to leave on a bad note though, some good news was shared regarding development and secret goodies.

We reported a few months back that Explodemon was originally penciled in for a Q4 2010 release, however it appears the team came into some unexpected last minute problems. The PlayStation exclusive is now slated to hit PSN sometime in early January, but Ed Fear, Curve Studio’s Production Assistant, made it clear they’re still working on getting a solid date for our calendars. As consolation, a few special previews will be making their appearance on the PSN, mostly to keep Explodemon’s place nice and warm for him.

Hopefully we’ll have a 100% confirmed concrete release date within a few weeks. We’ll keep you posted, because I know you care. In the meantime,  we have some stuff coming out on the PlayStation Store – such as wallpapers and avatars – and we’ll be launching a new trailer in the next week or two too.

Fear also mentioned that the project was 99% complete, and threw some of his traditional humor our way insisting that he meant it this time.

Expect PlayStation LifeStyle to have a preview of this awesome 2.5D platformer soon.