Explodemon To Arrive on the PS3 with a Bang

Over a year ago we brought you news of a retro inspired, Mega Man-esque game from Curve Studios called Explodemon, but since then, the development sparks were few and far between, and even some speculation that the fuse could completely burn out. Now, the studio has not only announced a release time, but also lit up some fiery details for 2D lovers everywhere.

In the studio’s recent press release, Curve stated that Explodemon will be release on the PSN during Q4 of 2010. Oddly enough, their new platformer was originally announced to be released on four systems, but the PSN version was the only one mentioned in the statement. When contacted regarding details on the release times for the Wii, PSP Go and PC versions, Curve dropped a bombshell when they explained that “for the moment, we’re focusing only on the PS3 version.”

Ed Fear, a PR Manager for the studio, explained that by focusing on one version, the team is trying to allow on the quality of the game become their predominant concern:

“We’re a small(ish) company, so it doesn’t make sense for us to split our limited resources between several different versions, especially given that there’d be quite major graphical differences for the Wii/PSP editions. So, in order to really make Explodemon shine, we’re putting all of our efforts into the PS3 version.”

Upon being questioned about the future plans for the title, and whether a return to the other platforms is possible, Fear explained it was still a strong desire, though Curve will have to “seriously evaluate other targets once we’ve shipped the PS3 version.”

The developmental dairies posted by Jonathan Biddle,  the Design Director for Explodemon, have showcased a summary of the massive hardships and obstacles the indie studio has had to overcome, largely just in order to have the title considered for publishing. It’s quite a fascinating read, and gives some extra incentive to keep an eye out for this hot game come the middle of the cold, dead winter.