This Back to the Future Trailer Will Make You Wish the Future was Now

December 4, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

Telltale Games’ take on Back to the Future series really looks to be shaping up well. The stills have looked really nice, but have you imagined what those stills would look like…in motion?

Well wonder no more. You’ve seen pictures. You’ve seen the snippets of the uncanny voice acting. Now, Gametrailers has launched the first trailer for Telltales’ episodic story of Back to the Future: The Game is available for your nostalgia to enjoy.

Back to the Future: The Game is set to hit PC and Mac some times this month, with the PS3 version dropping by shortly after that. I know I can’t wait for it! What do you think? The stylized characters are definitely interesting and AJ LoCascio and Christopher Lloyd do an undeniably stellar performance. No word on PlayStation Move support for the point and click functionality, so it’ll probably play like Tales of Monkey Island and Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse. Everyone should be excited for this title. At least, everyone besides Paulmichael.