echochrome ii Hits on the Winter Solstice

December 7, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

echochrome was one of the PlayStation Network’s most original titles, and its sequel is set to be even more innovative. Announced at this year’s E3, the game’s release date was up in the air – until now.

Looking to be one of the PlayStation Move’s killer apps, echochrome ii will most likely be getting downloaded to your PlayStation 3 on December 21st. Using the PlayStation Move like a flashlight, players will have to move the shadow (this game’s version of the echo) around the world on the shadows of other real world objects. You can maneuver the shadows of the world to get your character to the end of the stages. With 100 built-in levels and three different gameplay modes to complete each level, echochrome ii definitely will keep your scratching your head for quite some time.

“Escort” mode is what we’ve been used to with the demo that came on the disc with the PlayStation Move Starter Kit. Players navigate their shadow with the PlayStation Move to get to the end. “Echo” mode looks to be just like the original echochrome. You must traverse the stages to grab the echos of your shadow and then make your way to the exit to complete the level. “Paint” mode is what’s new. In “paint” move, different shadows color the physical blocks that the shadows are walking on. A red shadow will make a red block, blue shadow a blue block, etc. The goal is to color as many blocks as necessary to reach the target percentage.

Look for the review of echochrome ii here on PlayStation Lifestyle in just a few weeks! Not that you won’t be buying the game anyway.