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Pachter Says PSP2 is Doomed

The next entry by Sony in to the handheld market—tentatively called the “PSP2”—may be no more than just a flash in the pan, according to Michael Pachter. Strong competition from some specific rivals has Pachter making some very serious assertions.

In the latest episode of the Pach Attack, Pachter states that, as a whole the handheld market is in serious trouble. Citing the iPod Touch as making serious inroads into the handheld market, he said shared his thoughts on the PSP2’s chances for success:

I think the PSP2 is going to be dead on arrival.

Pachter wasn’t entirely optimistic about the chances the 3DS has for success either stating that, if anything, it  “…will prolong the handheld market for games manufacturers” but that ultimately the handhelds are in “trouble” as he put it.

With the looming Sony Ericsson PSP Phone, and the upcoming PSP2 what do you think: Are we past the days of handheld gaming or is Pachter wrong? Share your thoughts in the comments below.