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Resistance 3 Goes to War with PS3 Theme

December 8, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

Last night, we alerted you to exclusive Resistance 3 content that would be revealed when Insomniac’s Facebook page hit a certain number of likes. Screenshots have already been released, and now, a theme for the PS3 has been released as well.

Just as promised, Insomniac Games has unleashed a Resistance 3 PS3 theme for our enjoyment.


  1. Download the zip file HERE
  2. Unzip file
  3. Copy the whole “PS3” folder over to a USB drive (must be FAT32 format, thumb drives work best)
  4. Plug USB drive into PS3
  5. Go to Settings->Theme Settings->Theme->Install
  6. The PS3 should recognize the USB drive and find the theme called “Resistance 3 Facebook Exclusive”
  7. Click on it to install
  8. Go back to Settings->Theme Settings->Theme and select “Resistance 3 Facebook Exclusive” and click Apply

*Note: This theme uses multiple background images that auto load. You can keep applying the theme to see them all.