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Guerrilla Details Killzone 3 Beta Feedback

December 9, 2010Written by Staff

When Sony unveiled PlayStation Plus at E3 they promised subscribers of the PlayStation Network premium service would be given access to high-profile betas. A beta for Killzone 3 was made available for PS Plus subscribers a few months back, albeit for the first 10,000 subscribers who downloaded a specific theme. After the beta had run its course developer Guerrilla Games decided to make the beta go public. Now, the studio has expressed their appreciation towards those who participated and provided the all-important feedback to them regarding the shooter.

Guerrilla said Killzone 3 is already in a much better state after thousands delivered valuable feedback to the studio. The developer said it will continue to incorporate players’ feedback up until launch in order to deliver the best online experience possible in the full product. In fact, there has been so much information, suggestions and general feedback from players that Guerrilla Games had enough info to make six more Killzone games.

“Thank you, because we now have what we need. Actually, we have received so much feedback, suggestions and bugs, that the general discussion part of the forum has served its purpose and has been closed. There is enough info on there to make six Killzone games, not just one. We know what your opinions are; we know what you think should be altered or different altogether. And we know what we need to focus on to make Killzone 3 all it can be when it launches in February 2011!”

The following is just a few of what Guerrilla decided to detail from the extensive list of improvements:

  • Matchmaking improvements – lots and ongoing
  • Tactical Spawn Areas – functionality and additional TSA’s where needed
  • Weapon damage, recoil and range
  • Weapon distribution over careers
  • Added Weapons
  • Exo’s – count, health regeneration and damage
  • Spawn camping
  • Career Abilities (like Recon)
  • HUD icons, readability, options
  • Tweaked turrets, sentries and drones
  • Running speed, stamina tweaks
  • Player health

Finally, Guerrilla emphasized that it’s important to know that the service for the Killzone 3 Public Beta trial will be discontinued in the coming weeks; although no exact date was given. However, players will still be able to play and practice in Botzone even after the Beta’s termination.

Killzone 3 is currently scheduled for a launch February 22nd, 2011. The third instalment in Sony’s Killzone series will utilize both 3D technology and the PlayStation move.