Mass Effect 2 Release Date Finalized

December 9, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

Mass Effect was always one series that PS3 owners always desired to play. Then, at this year’s Gamescom, to the delight of all PS3 owners, Mass Effect 2 was announced for our little black beauty. The only thing left to wait for was an actual release date, and now, the wait is about to end.

Mass Effect 2 will be an overall bigger experience then what was offered on the 360 and PC. Most of the DLC that was released for the 360 will be included on the Blu-ray, as well as an interactive comic letting PS3 owners catch up on the events of the first Mass Effect.

Get ready to get your hands on Mass Effect 2 when it releases on January 18th in the US, and the 21st in Europe.