Portal 2 Trailer Introduces us to New Dimensions

During yesterday’s VGAs, various anticipated reveals were made such as a new SSX, the continuation of the Mass Effect series, an amazing Uncharted 3 trailer and many more. While everyone’s attention may have been fixed towards the actual announcements and footage of games, the VGAs primary purpose is exactly what the name says: video game awards. One such award is the coveted most anticipated game. Portal 2 managed to beat the likes of Batman: Arkham City, Gears of War 3, as well as BioShock: Infinite to pick up the accolade; and in doing so, Valve has treated fans to a new trailer for the sequel.

The new Portal 2 trailer focuses on the game’s intriguing co-op aspect. Check out the trailer below.

Another multiplayer-related mode for the title which was being considered at one point by Valve was competitive multiplayer. The developer had even started to implement the mode and test it out, however, ultimately it was canned. Originally scheduled for a late 2010 release Portal 2 was delayed in rather humorous fashion into April 18th, 2011. As stated by Gabe Newell, due to features such as Steam Cloud and automatic updates the PlayStation 3 version will be the best version on any console.