Uncharted 3 May Offer Treasure of Off-line Co-Op

December 15, 2010Written by Ray Conley

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 3 still isn’t due for at least another year, but that hasn’t stopped us from searching around for more information of Nathan Drake’s next treasure adventure. It’s already known that the Uncharted developers plan to outdo Among Thieves, but details about how they plan to do that have been under tight wraps. But can we begin to speculate that there is a very good chance for off-line co-op?

Already, GameStop is taking in pre-orders for Uncharted 3, and some details of the game may have spilled that hasn’t been confirmed by Naughty Dog yet. One piece of info in particular, is that Drake’s Deception may come with an off-line co-op mode as it is shown advertised on GameStop’s website.

Co-op isn’t exactly new to the series as we saw an online co-op mode available in Among Thieves. But that co-op option only had a few missions that didn’t take the players through the campaign. Perhaps this is the full co-op feature that we have been waiting for with the storyline embedded. At this point it’s all speculation, so we’ll have to sit this one out until we get some answers from Naughty Dog. Whatever their explanation is, it can only be good from this point.