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Uncharted 5 Seemingly Teased in New PS5 Ad

It looks like a new PS5 advertisement is teasing Uncharted 5. Today, Sony unveiled its ‘Live from PS5’ TV spot that showcases video games, PS5 features, and more. Of note is the ad officially kicking off marketing for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and a brief clip that looks an awful lot like Uncharted.

Why fans think Sony is teasing Uncharted 5

At the 0:43 mark in the video below, a girl can be seen walking towards some kind of artefact in a cave with a torch in her hand. She certainly doesn’t look like Lara Croft, as this ResetEra user pointed out. The character, who looks young enough to be Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher’s daughter Cassie, proceeds to dust off the artefact at 0:47 in a flash on the screen that lasts barely a second.

“This new spot hints at the breadth of extraordinary experiences taking place in the PS5 universe through the style of a live news channel. See if you can spot all the game references,” Sony wrote on the PS Blog.

Speculation that Cassie will continue the Uncharted series has been rife since her appearance in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Naughty Dog recently said that it’s moving on from Uncharted, lending credence to reports that a different studio is taking over.