Killzone 3 Moving With the Sharp Shooter Attachment

One of 2011 most anticipated PS3 exclusive would have to be Killzone 3. With the success of Killzone 2, there is no doubt that Killzone 3 will be even bigger and better. One of the features that has been teased since its beginning, was the addition of Move support. Today, we get a glimpse of how that will work with the new Sharp Shooter attachment.

Announced just last week was the new Sharp Shooter attachment coming for the PlayStation Move. The Sharp Shooter attachment has more of an assault rifle look, and is a rather large attachment. The design of the Sharp Shooter, as well as the release, definitely feels perfect for all the FPS being released next year. Proving this point is a new video showing the Sharp Shooter being used for Killzone 3, and just how it all will work.