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Patapon 3 “100 Hour Demo” Inbound

After Patapon 2 was released, gamers knew it was only a matter of time until the third installment would be released. Earlier this year, at E3, Patapon 3 was announced and, shortly after, gamers got their hands on the first demo of Patapon 3, which was also used as a multiplayer beta. Now, it looks like gamers will be getting their hands on it once again.

Six months after the first demo was released, Pyramid Studios is all set to release a new and improved version. The demo, titled Full of Surprises! 100 Hour Demo, will take all the feedback from the original and incorporate it into this new build. The demo will also include singleplayer and multiplayer (local and online) modes, and feature nine character classes help build your army.

As for now this has only been announced for Japan, but hopefully it is only a matter of time until it will also be released to the rest of the world.