Mass Effect 2 Interactive Comic Explained

December 19, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

The Mass Effect series is finally making its way to the PS3 next month. Unfortunately, only Mass Effect 2 will be appearing on everyone’s favorite black box, but BioWare has promised an interactive comic to catch those of us that never got the chance to play the original. Now, we get word on just how that will work.

One of the biggest draws of Mass Effect 2 was the ability to transfer over all of the choices you made in the original, which made for a completely unique experience. PS3 gamers will be getting the same experience, but it will be done through a motion-comic instead. Mass Effect 2 will start out exactly the same way, but instead after you make your first encounter with the Collectors, you will experience a brief flashback which is where the comic come into place.  Jumping from one crucial event to the next, it hits each key point of the original, as well as shaping the foundation for Mass Effect 2.

Unlike the rest of the DLC though, you will need to download the comic from the store first, and if by chance you don’t feel the need to download it, Mass Effect 2 will instead continue on like the 360 version.

In the long run, the comic was a great idea to add, but it will be interesting to see just how fast they go through the important parts of Mass Effect, and to those gamers that are new to the series, just how easy it will be to understand the plot. Either way Mass Effect 2 is a great game in its own right, and it really should be played whether you use the comic or not.

Get your hands on Mass Effect 2 when it release on January 18th.