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Sony Ericsson Registers “Xperia Play” Trademark

So far, the only thing we know is that the PlayStation Phone, or aptly named “Zeus Z1,” does exist. What we haven’t learned yet is the official name that the portable device will be sporting once it makes it to retailers. However, with today’s online network, it seems we may get lucky and find some possible clues.

Thankfully there are many curious folk out there who enjoy peeking into the trademark online database to see what the larger companies are doing behind the scenes. Recently, a few people have discovered that Sony Ericsson filed an EU trademark for wide range of “Xperia” labels, including “Xperia Play”,, .net, and .org. Other variants were also claimed such as Xperia Arc, Xperia Duo, and Xperia Neo.

With the given information, it’s not exactly a strong foothold to tie the names down to a PlayStation Phone. However, the fact that Sony Ericsson is well-known to mobile products with other Sony divisions, such as Walkman and Cybershot, it’s easy to make to make that assumption. Wrong or right, we’re pretty confident we’ll know more once CES rolls around or when Mobile World Congress (MWC) kicks off in February 2011.