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Knack 3 Rumored as Sony Files Fresh Trademark

Monday’s off to quite a start with all the rumors but we certainly didn’t see Knack 3 trending. Gematsu discovered that Sony Interactive Entertainment filed a new trademark for Knack on March 17th in Japan, and fans think we’re getting a third installment.

When will Knack 3 release?

It’s speculated that Knack 3 might be one of the big announcements that Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller has been teasing, and it could be part of Project Spartacus, possibly a surprise day-one release. It’s hard to say if a new Knack is in development, let alone when it’ll release but that hasn’t stopped fans from coming up with wild theories.

The first two Knack games didn’t receive critical acclaim but they garnered a cult following, with fans badgering Sony to continue the series. The company isn’t one to shy away from boasting about sales numbers but has hardly ever talked about Knack’s commercial performance, suggesting that all the online buzz never really translated to sales. Regardless, Knack’s made quite a name for itself and although Japan Studio is no more, franchise director Mark Cerny is still around so you never know!

As far as Bandai Namco Entertainment’s “Stacky Basket” trademark is concerned, your guess is as good as ours. Sounds like a mobile game of sorts but we’ll keep our readers posted. Back to the Chris Rock and Will Smith memes for now…

In other news, a fan-made Bloodborne Kart game is being brought to you by the developer of Bloodborne’s PS1-inspired “demake,” and Housemarque revealed during GDC 2022 that its hit Returnal was unplayable for nearly half of its development!