bloodborne kart demake

Fan Project ‘Bloodborne Kart’ Announced By Developer Behind PS1 Inspired Demake

The crossover nobody expected — Bloodborne Kart is coming from game dev Lilith Walther. The series enthusiast is known for the creation of the Bloodborne PSX Demake of the ‘souls-like’ action RPG by FromSoftware. The game took a PS1-inspired approach to the popular 2015 PlayStation title.

What could Bloodborne Kart look like?

In the announcement made on Twitter, Walther said: “It’s happening, #BloodborneKart is real and will be coming out as soon as it’s ready!”

Alongside the reveal, the developer announced The Noble Demon is working on the soundtrack for the game — linking an extended track for fans to enjoy. The in-game announcer for the project is Gianni Matragrano. The voice actor is known for his work on the TV series Death Battle and the video game Fallout: The Frontier, amongst others. Twitter user @art_mino — who also created the cover for Bloodborne PSX — is working on the project, too

Bloodborne Kart was initially an April Fool’s joke. Walther tweeted on April 1, 2021, that Bloodborne PSX had been canceled in favor of a kart racer. Accompanying this tweet, they teased footage of the game. The two-minute sequence showcased a Hunter, the Cleric Beast, a werewolf, and troll enemies as playable riders. Tracks also took place across the streets of Yharnam.

Bloodborne has recently celebrated its seventh anniversary. Since then, it has maintained a committed fanbase that longs for the day of a sequel being announced. The game currently remains a PlayStation exclusive despite other PlayStation first-party games like God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn having a PC port. FromSoftware has also released two games since Bloodborne was released, Elden Ring and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

In other news, Polyphony Digital has apologized for its handling of Gran Turismo 7 credits. Developers are reportedly impressed by PSVR 2 after hands-on at GDC 2022. Meanwhile, PS5 users in Europe and Australia can now share game captures through the PS App.