Legend of Dragoon’s Spirit Dwells in the Japanese PS Store

December 23, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

The original PlayStation was home to dozens of quality games, so many in-fact that PS3 owners have been asking for remakes and sequels for years now. While that order is yet to be fulfilled, Sony has taken strides by introducing affordable solutions for these queries in the form of downloadable Classics. There have been a few Classics that still haven’t debuted on the PlayStation Store, but one of these is available out of public eye.

After hearing from Siliconera, and testing for myself, I can confirm that Legend of Dragoon is already available on the Japanese PlayStation Store. Interesting enough, it is only available under the archive section, and is nowhere to be found in the game section. It almost makes you think that maybe they hid it there specifically to surprise some unsuspecting gamers out there.

Legend of Dragoon was one of my favorite RPGs on the PlayStation, and might even be part of the reason that I’m such a PlayStation fan to this day. Its setting, combat, and quantity of content rivaled Final Fantasy, and was one of only a select few to do so at that point in time. Although it’s already available on the Japanese store, hopefully Sony can throw a bone in the direction of North America and Europe with some Classic love.