Top 5 Requested PlayStation Remakes

Throughout gaming history there have been a select few games that have shaken the gaming industry as we know it. While thousands of games spanning several platforms come out every year, only a select few are able to achieve this legendary status that entitles a game to the word ‘classic’. A few years later sure, a sequel may be released, but the original is what many gamers and fans keep going back to. Now, PlayStation LifeStyle goes through the top 5 requested PlayStation remakes that fans would love to see.

#5 - Silent Hill

Several Silent Hill titles have been released to date, but none have gripped as many gamers as much as Silent Hill. The original is still fondly remembered mainly due to its compelling story and how fresh it was for the gaming industry at the time. The gameplay was also surprisingly good with multiple boss battles, riddles, and finding keys in dark dreary areas to progress through certain levels. Even though, upon its release, Silent Hill didn’t really outshine the Resident Evil series, Konami’s first entry in the horror genre was a great start for the long-running series which is still pumping out release after release.

#4 - The Legend of Dragoon

Despite releasing to a lukewarm critic reception, The Legend of Dragoon garnered plenty of deserved attention from gamers, resulting in a large cult following. It didn’t quite match the presence of a Squaresoft (now, Square Enix, yuck) title but was still one of the best RPGs on the original PlayStation. With The Legend of Dragoon delivering accessible gameplay paired with an long epic story, it’s one game which countless fans and gamers alike would surely like to see remade.

#3 - Metal Gear Solid 1

So, we meet once again, Señor Snake. Remember the good old days when we used to have codec conversations for over 15 minutes? Well, that wasn’t the reason Metal Gear Solid was one of the best games on the platform, but perhaps the deep story, characters and intense espionage action were. While the original Metal Gear Solid was remade on the Nintendo GameCube that doesn’t keep us from begging for a high-definition remake on a PlayStation console.

#2 - Shadow of the Colossus

Ah, Shadow of the Colossus, the game which epitomized the PlayStation 2. Its unprecedented level of quality, brilliant audio, gripping gameplay and excellent overall quality made Team Ico’s masterpiece not only a noteworthy technical achievement, but a title which won’t be forgotten any time soon. Sure, the game was released only a few years ago and is still a beautiful game, but the PS2 hardware didn’t do the game justice. Trying to describe exactly what Shadow of the Colossus does best is indeed difficult, so the game should be experienced by every PlayStation owner to make that job easier, and a remake would certainly make that more accessible.

#1 - Final Fantasy VII

Despite Final Fantasy VII being the seventh installment in the successful long-running Final Fantasy franchise, it’s still considered the benchmark for RPGs over a decade later. Since the PlayStation 2 released, gamers have been asking, even begging, Square Enix to remake this beloved title, and while one still hasn’t been announced, the desire for a remake has grown to insurmountable levels. Ah, what it’d be like to see Sephiroth cast Super Nova in full 1080p HD glory.

What would your top 5 list requested PlayStation-based remakes be? Do you agree with the list above? Let us know via the comments section below!