Portal 2 Headed To Consoles This April

This past E3 when Gabe Newell, the director of Valve, took the stage at Sony’s Press Conference, many gamers were shocked. Even more so when he announced that the sequel to the critically acclaimed Portal would be headed to the PlayStation 3. A lot of time has passed between now and then, and we now have the release of the game only months away.

Doug Lombardi, the vice president of marketing at Valve, had this to say on the upcoming release of the highly anticipated title.

Portal 2 is Valve’s most innovative title in the company’s history and will be launched with a first-class launch campaign this April. We’re excited to be working with Electronic Arts to deliver this title as we expand our platform strategy to include the Mac and PlayStation 3 platforms.

With the release not so far off how many of you plan on picking up Portal 2?