Batman: Arkham City “Leak” Hints of Multiplayer

December 28, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

If you ask most people, Batman: Arkham Asylum was a nearly perfect game, and was missing very little. But others complained about the lack of multiplayer.

Even though the holidays are over, we may have been treated to a surprise gift in the form of a leak.

A new blog has appeared titled, claiming Batman Arkham City will include multiplayer. According to their source, it will include not only a full competitive multiplayer, but also online co-op through the campaign. When discussing what the online would be like he quoted that they looked at Red Dead Redemption’s free roam, and discussed how fun it would be to go around with friends busting gang hideouts.

The source also stated that they did not just want to copy what the guys at Rockstar did, but in fact reinvent it. He discussed how the online modes would include up to 12 people, you would be able to level up items depending on their character, and explore inside almost all buildings. The world will be alive with civilians that you can either save or torment, by stalking the villains as Batman or setting up traps for him as a villain.

As for now, this is all going in the rumor bin as neither Rocksteady nor Warner Bros. have validated any of this information, and their source has been left anonymous.