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Catherine Demo May Alleviate Some Confusion Over Game

January 3, 2011Written by Paulmichael Contreras

Catherine is one confusing game based on what has been seen of the title so far. Currently slated for a February release in Japan, the Atlus Persona Team has plans to hopefully alleviate any confusion gamers may have about the game.

As spotted in a recent official blog posting, game Director Katsura Hashino stated that a demo is being produced to help let people see for themselves just what kind of game Catherine actually is. Since this is the first current-gen game to be created by Atlus Persona Team, a lot of fans have stated that they are already going to buy the game just based on who is developing it, but there was still confusion as to what the gameplay consists of. There were even concerns that the game was not much more than a sex game, but this demo will hopefully show otherwise (though the game is touted as being an “erotic fantasy”). Take a look at a trailer below, but be warned – it will just add to your confusion!