Ninja Theory Further Westernizes DmC with Art Director

The Devil May Cry series has been around since 2001, and has seen its fair share of evolution, but nothing can prepare fans for the potential changes that are about to take place in the next installment for the series.

Alessandro Taini, art director for Enslaved, has changed his site to reflect that he’s working on Ninja Theory’s upcoming DmC as the visual art director. While no additional details have been provided on the site, this is an interesting reveal given Taini’s roots in western video games, which coincides with the new direction for the series.

DmC was revealed at last year’s Tokyo Game Show, and is being developed by Ninja Theory, the team behind Heavenly Sword. Given that this is the first title in the series to not be developed by Capcom, and that the team is aiming for a more western approach, we shouldn’t be surprised to see major changes in the upcoming title starting with the game’s new look.