Devil May Cry 5 Teased, Looks to the West for Inspiration

Devil May Cry 4 sparked a lot of interest following its release in 2008, but has been criticized for not achieving nearly the same amount of sales in the US and Europe as it did in the East. Luckily, there’s a plan in store for the 5th “unannounced-yet-discussed” installment that will certainly spark interest from the East and West alike.

Capcom’s Keiji Inafune spoke to Spanish gaming site 3DJuegos about the future of some of Capcom’s famous games like Dead Rising and Resident Evil, but most intriguing were his thoughts on the gun and sword slaying series that is Devil May Cry. Roughly translated by Google, he stated:

“Devil May Cry 5 is a game that, when started development, this will change a lot in relation to the above. The reason is that, despite the franchise has some very loyal followers, their sales are not particularly high, especially overseas.”

If this is to be believed, it seems the fifth installment of DMC will take a somewhat drastic shift from the series staple, but according to Inafune, it may be exactly what the series needs in order to capture the attention of all gaming audiences:

“For this reason, it is likely that in the fifth chapter will incorporate certain western touch to make it more attractive to American and European players.”

No word on what this magic “Western Touch” entails. However, consider this interesting tidbit: Devil May Cry 5 is heavily rumored as being spearheaded by the Ninja Theory team that produced Enslaved and Heavenly Sword, both containing their fair share of East and West icons. One can only imagine the final product that fuses Dante’s demon engulfed world and these rich minds together. Remember: This is still a rumor, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be shown soon, especially with the Tokyo Game Show right around the corner.