Devil May Cry 5 May Get More Playable Characters as DLC

It’s well-known that the upcoming Devil May Cry 5 will feature three playable protagonists. However, there’s a possibility that the number will increase down the line. No promises have been made yet, but we may see additional playable characters introduced via DLC. Director Hideaki Itsuno said in an interview that the decision is ultimately up to player demand. It’s far from confirmed, but the prospect is certainly exciting.

Devil May Cry 5 features series mainstays Dante and Nero as playable characters. It also introduces a new character, the enigmatic V. While the core gameplay is the usual Devil May Cry fare of mowing down hordes of enemies, all three will play differently. There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding V, both in terms of narrative and gameplay. He has access to different demons he can use in attack, giving him a more indirect manner of combat. With such a dramatic change in gameplay than we’re used to, it’ll certainly be interesting to see how a new character would operate.

The big question is how another hypothetical character would be implemented. Would this be a paid experience, or a free update anyone can access? 2013’s DmC: Devil May Cry featured a paid expansion, Vergil’s Downfall, that starred Dante’s brother as the main protagonist. We could see Devil May Cry 5 take that kind of approach.

In addition, one has to wonder who this new playable character would be. Devil May Cry 5 features a trio of ladies, Trish, Lady, and new addition Nico. We could see any one of these characters take the driver’s seat, though it could also be a surprise character, as well. We haven’t heard much about DLC for Devil May Cry 5, though we do know microtransactions are present.

Would you want an additional playable character, even as DLC? Let us know!

[Source: Gameshot via GamingBolt]