Get Familiar With Devil May Cry 5’s V’s Familiars

The all new Devil May Cry 5 trailer shows off a new character named V, and here’s a spoiler alert for you. It suggests that he is someone who wants to kill off our protagonist, Dante. Interestingly, it seems V needs Dante’s help to stop a newly resurrected and very powerful demon.

Capcom’s newest action game will be full of thrills, action, and fast-paced combat we all love. The devilishly handsome V will be a playable character, and it seems he uses the power of animals to his advantage. Summoning a panther to unleash attacks on enemies and a large raven-like bird to traverse through the levels, he seems like an interesting character. Especially since he has to rely on these familiars to fight.

We’ll have to wait and see how the dynamic between Dante and V plays out, since the two may be working together at some point. The end of the trailer shows V performing a less than friendly move on Dante, and we’re eager to see how that full scene unfolds.

The trailer also shows a large-scale battle between two demons the size of buildings, so expect to partake in some intense action. You can grab the demo for Devil May Cry 5 now, but sadly, it’s only available on Xbox One. However, there will be a demo for all platforms when it gets closer to its release date.

Devil May Cry 5 also has a Collector’s Edition releasing in North America, which will run you $150.00. The Standard $60.00 version will be available, too, and you can pick it up when it is released on March 8, 2019 for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

[Source: IGN]